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Take advantage of our grooming services in Cocoa & Port St. John, FL

We accept all breeds, all weights and all ages. We love accommodating dogs who need special treatment. Let us help you maintain your dog healthy and clean. Keep their coats nice and shiny with professional dog grooming services. Let a specialist at Canine Design give your dog a thorough groom. Full grooming starts at $50. We charge upon weight, coat condition, and behavioral issues.

Hire a professional to trim your pup's hair

If your dog can't see because their hair is too long, then it's time to schedule a dog hair trimming service. Our groomers will carefully trim your dog's hair so they can move around with ease. We have experience trimming hair textures of all sorts, so feel free to bring your bushy bestie to our spa.

Set up a dog hair trimming service at our spa in Cocoa, FL.

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Short Haircut

6-8 weeks


4-6 weeks

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2-4 weeks